Bagby Elevator Company, Inc.’s cornerstone is an uncompromising commitment to service excellence. As one of the nation’s largest independent elevator contractors, we have built a tradition spanning over nine decades. We would like to think that our longevity can be attributed to a practice of treating each customer as our only customer.

Arthur Bagby, Sr. founded Bagby Elevator Company, Inc. in 1920. He was one of the first to use hydraulic fluid instead of water in hydraulic elevators which has now become industry standard. After WWI, Bagby Elevator Company, Inc. installed hydraulic elevators in Birmingham, Alabama. Since then, we have evolved into a multi-service provider of elevator systems development, installation and service, with operations throughout Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. Bagby Elevator Company, Inc. now manufactures, installs, repairs, renovates and maintains elevator systems for virtually any commercial, industrial, and residential use with thousands of customers throughout the southern United States. Under the management of a fourth generation, Bagby Elevator Company, Inc., continues to be an industry pacesetter. We feel that by combining the old concept of service with newer technology we can be the elevator contractor that is best suited to meet your needs.