hydraulic jack replacementThe replacement of a hydraulic jack system is often a necessary but substantial undertaking.  Bagby Elevator has a great deal of experience with these jobs, whether large or small.  We will undertake the project in a fashion to get you back running as soon as practicable.

Traditionally, hydraulic elevators utilized a cylinder with a single plate welded to the bottom. The problem was that should this weld fail; the elevator system would experience sudden pressure loss.  In such an event, however rare, there could be an uncontrolled descent of the elevator car.

This practice changed in 1971 when elevator safety codes began requiring a double bottom jack system.  By virtue of this dual bottom system, there is a substantial decrease in the possibility of a sudden loss of pressure.  Many codes enforcing authorities require the upgrade to a double-bottom jack system, and we will be happy to advise as to the present state of your installation.

Another development in terms of code enforcement occurred with the requirement that hydraulic cylinder protection is in place. While there are variances in terms of the requirement, either a tape coating, cathodic protection, or PVC protection may have been required by the applicable code. The reason for this requirement is to mitigate or reduce the possibility of electrolysis and the resulting wear on the hydraulic jack system.  As with the double bottom jack requirement, enforcement may vary by jurisdiction.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with questions or concerns relating to your system.