Bagby Elevator Company, Inc.’s approach to elevator modernization and installations is to provide you with an elevator system that you are pleased with both upon completion and many years down the road. Part of this approach involves using high-quality equipment and manufacturers. Moreover, attracting and keeping high-quality field and management personnel to ensure a quality modernization is critical as well as allowing us to provide high-quality work at reasonable prices. Finally, Bagby Elevator Company, Inc. utilizes non-proprietary equipment which has benefits to all parties. Amongst the benefits of going with a non-proprietary system are as follows:

  • Resources are spent on creating a high-functioning system rather than on limiting competition.
  • Built-in diagnostics with no need for proprietary tools for adjustment or maintenance
  • Parts are available for inventory…not just exchange
  • Technical training is available to all competent elevator personnel.
  • In sum, non-proprietary equipment provides owners with freedom of choice.

A strong relationship with vendors and suppliers is a cornerstone of quality service. By dealing with vendors on the basis of honesty, fair dealing and prompt payment., we have been able to develop strong relationships and partnerships. For that reason, our friends in the industry are there when we need them. This in turn, allows us to be here for our customers.

The below vendors and suppliers are ones whose support we appreciate. Moreover, we are proud of their association.

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