Elevator Myths Debunked: Unveiling the Truth

Elevator Myths Debunked

Elevators are an integral part of modern architecture providing quick, safe and efficient vertical transportation. Despite their widespread use, numerous myths and misconceptions create unnecessary worries and fear. In this blog post, we seek to debunk many common elevator myths including those perpetuated by Hollywood. Hopefully, this factual information to ensure your peace of mind […]

Essential Elevator Safety Tips

Essential Elevator Safety Tips

Elevator Safety – A Priority for Passengers, Owners and Contractors Elevators are a marvel of modern engineering, making our lives and movements easier and more efficient. At Bagby Elevator, we understand the critical importance of safety for both users and maintenance staff. Elevators, when properly used and maintained, are incredibly safe. This blog aims to […]

Proprietary vs Non-Proprietary Elevator Equipment


Understanding ‘Proprietary’ in the Elevator Industry Proprietary- held as property of a private owner: of or relating to, or a proprietor, used or made or marketed by one having exclusive legal rights.  Traditionally, describing a product or application as “proprietary” conveyed to the purchaser that something quite special was being offered.  Perhaps having a unique […]

Heat Takes a Toll on Elevator Equipment

elevator equipment

I think for everyone, Summer is here!  As a business owner, this leads to all manner of higher costs, whether it be surging prices for water, power, and HVAC service and repair.  While less explicit, heat can exert an expensive toll on your elevator equipment that can actually outpace your electrical bill. How so? Well, […]

The Alchemy of Elevator Cab Upgrades

cab upgrades

For time immemorial, man has lusted after the secret of alchemy.  Generally speaking, alchemy is the process of transmuting a relatively cheap and available resource into a precious item such as gold.  The general folly of alchemy underlines the rhetorical question: Do you think you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear? […]

Elevator Inspections in Alabama

Elevator Inspections in Alabama

Owning or managing a building with an elevator comes with a lesser-known responsibility.  Not only will the elevators require regular maintenance and repairs, but they must also be inspected regularly.  Much like you would take your vehicle to have an annual inspection and receive certification from your state, elevators require the same. The process of […]

Elevator Inspections in Texas

Elevator Inspections in Texas

Owning or managing a building comes with all manner of responsibilities in terms of maintenance and inspections. The elevators in a building are no exception. In addition to regular maintenance and necessary repairs, elevators are “licensed” and must receive an annual inspection to qualify for operation. That process allows the elevator to be properly “licensed.” […]

Emergency Evacuation of Passengers in Stalled Elevators

Emergency Evacuation

Recently, one of our own was in the right place at the right time during an emergency. Keith Gaut, our Mobile, AL Field Supervisor, recently took a trip, and while at the airport, a child became trapped inside the airport elevator. Keith was able to quickly and safely extract the child. Here is the story […]


home elevator

So, you’re considering a home elevator installation.  The process happens to be both smoother and less costly if an elevator is purchased as part of the original construction.  However, adding an elevator to an existing structure is a great deal more in reach than most would imagine.  Whether for new or existing homes, residential elevators […]

Hydraulic Jack Replacement: Why and How?

hydraulic jack replacement

For those with hydraulic elevators, the replacement of a hydraulic jack can be a lengthy and expensive process.  However, it is becoming decidedly more rare given changing techniques and the imposition of new codes.  Here we try to give an overview of what is at play here and the evolution of the procedures for dealing […]