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In the age of paranoia, fear, and mistrust, everyone likes to know the people around us. So if you are in a commercial office building, you see a person standing in the lobby and think to yourself, who are they? What in the world are they doing hanging around the elevators? Well, it’s likely to be one of Bagby’s elevator technicians. They are dressed in a dark blue uniform with a Bagby Elevator patch over one pocket and their name over the other. They might be wearing a hat or have a fabulous hairdo; you never know. But one thing is for sure they’re the best-trained techs in the business!

The Rigorous Apprenticeship

Bagby is a union company established in 1920. Our elevator techs have been through a rigorous apprenticeship program. It encompasses several years of training in the classroom and out in the field, followed by a comprehensive exam testing their knowledge. Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but who are they really?

The Complete Craftsmen

They are a highly trained mix of several crafts. Most of which have a master’s designation. They are elevator technicians but have heavy training in the electrical field, as well as pipe fitting, plumbing, welding, instrumentation, and computer technology.

Safety First

They have been through extensive background checks, including TWIC. Safety training is critical in this field. Elevator techs have days of safety training under their belts; 3rd coast training, TVTC, Avetta, ISNetworld, Tappi Safe, OSHA 10 hour, and many others. Bagby has a heavy presence in the industrial elevator market, so most of our techs are drug tested every six months.

Bagby Elevator Technicians

Our elevator techs are proud men and women who love doing their jobs and being a part of our Bagby family. They are fathers, brothers, mothers, sons, and daughters. They are everyday people just like you and me. Our techs are there to keep you safe as you travel the vertical highways of life. Stay safe!


Authored by Keith Gaut – Field Supervisor and Safety Manager for Bagby Elevator Company 

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