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Our Bagby Elevator team loves to get together to celebrate holidays. Here is a team shot from our Dallas Christmas Party! They had a fish fry prepped and cooked by our Branch Manager David Hutton. We are so thankful for this amazing crew and know they had an amazing time.  

Question & Answer 

We thought it would be fun to share a quick Q&A about elevator usage this month. This is a common question we hear from customers.  

Q: What happens when too many people are packed into an elevator?

A: Typically, the overloaded elevator car will not move. The doors will stay open, and a buzzer will ring until enough people get off the elevator to reduce the weight. 

Emergency Repairs  

Did you know we offer emergency repair services? Our network of support personnel and trained technicians (who are available around the clock) provide you with rapid response time. Our service programs also help increase the life of your elevator system, lower operating costs, and reduce potential risks. 

In Other News 

We wanted to share simple elevator facts for December to help our customers learn more about them. So here are a few of those facts we shared: 

Upgraded cab interiors can substantially improve how your building is perceived at a relatively low cost. 

Elevator door equipment receives more wear & stress than any other portion of your elevator system. Therefore, you can improve the function & reliability of your elevator equipment with a door equipment upgrade. 

There are three types of elevators: hydraulic, traction, and machine-room-less. If you don’t know how to select the right type of elevator, we are here to help. 

Thank you for reading Bagby News! If you want to read more about the Bagby team and the elevator services we offer, please visit our social media and website.


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